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Traveling is one of the
best medicines in this
world: it develops your
sel-confidence increases your
curiosity, makes you
laugh and mourn, strengthen your muscles and put your nerves to the
test, and those of who is by your side.
To be part of all these experiences
is the best gift we can have like spectators thats why we love to make free walking tours.
like all the free tours around all over the world it works being based on tips

free tour Arequipa
Cathedral free tour Arequipa

Welcome dear travellers to the andean town the second largest city from Peru

We are an independ group of:
students, tourism students, recent licenced tour guides, supported by ancient culture researcher, authentic kitchen,barmans… To make posible this walking tour through
whole historical center of Arequipa around 3 hours You will discover more than six thounsand years history of Arequipa with locals and passionate native guides.

Free walking tour Arequipa/ Arequipa walking tour

map of Arequipa walking tour

what to do in Arequipa?

There are many things to do in Arequipa such as: musseum,art,culture, architecture, church, food, volcanos, contructions, nature and much more, therefore, you will need and entusiasthic erudite tour guide to explore and understand past,present and legends.

Arequipa restaurants

First. Arequipa is gastronomic capital from Peru. you will discover the origin of peruvian cuisine throught the hands of cook and researcher inside the authentic kitchen and go back in time to learn about ancient cooking the art of being healthy and make life little bit longuer and enjoyble.

Arequipa elevation

Arequipa is located around 2300 metters above the sea level and the peruvian Deep culture is still alive 

during the year we have small ceremonies on important days such as: Inti Raymi  23 june (solstice), Arequipa aniversary 15 August , harvest season …. in order to thanks to wiracocha (lord of the energies and the universe ) for your good luck and good trip in this life. 


The friendship we make does not finish after the three hours you are strongly invited to hang out with us we go to : festivals, traditional parties, salsa lesson, football game, movie theater(local actors),cooking class, … and help you with your cusco to arequipa bus and  more than welcome if you want to taste local lifestyle .

                                  Thanks so much for Reading us best trip for you


                                                          Your favourite tour guide from the town

Meeting point: Plaza San Francisco in front of AREQUIPA ZIGZAG RESTAURANT

 Price: whatever you feel is worthy for you (donation accepted )

Booking is optional. However we try to work a maximun of 15 people and bookies will receive priority because the authentic kitchen visited by BBC is small and we want enough space to explore it at all.

Departure time:  10:15 am  Monday to Sunday

                                    12:15 pm Monday to Sunday

                                   3:15 pm Monday to Saturday